Business Owners & Intermediaries

Business Owners

Cotton Creek Capital understands the unique dynamics of lower middle market companies and the challenges and uncertainties that these businesses face in times of transition. We endeavor to develop a common vision for growth with our management teams and align incentives accordingly to foster shared success. The Firm’s deep operational expertise and its access to a broad array of resources allow our partners and management teams to focus on what they do best. We typically play a utility role, focusing on operations, processes, and growth opportunities that can help strengthen the core business. The level of our involvement varies depending on the specific needs and growth profile of the company. To those considering a partnership with Cotton Creek Capital, we would be pleased to have you speak with others who have done so in the past.


Cotton Creek Capital continuously searches for opportunities in its key areas of interest as well as attractive new sectors where we believe that the resources and operational expertise of the Firm can add meaningful value. Our experienced investment team and nimble decision-making structure allow us to be responsive and timely in highly competitive processes. Cotton Creek has a successful track record of acquiring businesses through a variety of sell-side processes and has strong lending relationships. If you have an opportunity that fits our target investment criteria as a platform investment or as a strategic add-on acquisition candidate for a current portfolio company, please contact us.