Cotton Creek Capital was founded on the relationships of Brownlie & Braden, LLC, which has been a trusted financial advisor to high net worth families across the Southwest for over twenty years. The spirit of trust, partnership, and integrity that led to the creation of Cotton Creek Capital continues to be the guiding principle at the core of our investment approach.  We strive to build long-term relationships with passionate managers and invest in companies that are not just market leaders, but also respected employers and corporate citizens. We understand that no two businesses are alike and work tirelessly alongside our managers to develop and implement realistic strategies to build market-leading companies. The organizational identity of a privately-held business is vital to its success as a business, but in some cases may be a constraint to future growth. The challenge lies in transitioning these businesses into professional organizations, while leaving their identity as private enterprises intact. Expert management of this process and the development of an environment of mutual respect are crucial to business building. This is one of many areas in which Cotton Creek Capital, through years of experience with family-held businesses, is particularly adept.

As control investors, we have a responsibility to act as reliable stewards on behalf of our investors and the management teams and employees of our portfolio companies. We endeavor to provide these groups with the tools and resources required to succeed. Cotton Creek Capital and its affiliates have a diverse and complementary set of investment and operational skills, along with an extensive network of relationships with highly-regarded operators and executives across the South Central United States. Our Firm functions as a team, with each portfolio company benefitting from the collective skills and first-hand experiences of our principals, executives, and affiliates. This comprehensive approach gives our businesses and management teams a unique and dedicated suite of resources to systematically strengthen our companies in every aspect of their operations.